Fun, Exciting and Informative

These three terms sum up our comprehensive and very informative FICA Young Investors Wall Street Summer Camps™. While we are very committed to providing certified instructors, field trips and superior financial intelligence informative training applications, we don't just stop there. We make sure to set aside some time for a little fun, tours and entertainment activities. During the camp week(s) numerous opportunities are made available for students to get a chance to interact and get to know each other during daily FICA Youth Power Lunches™. Allowing for students to build life long relationships. Depending on the length of your camp stay and city selection, students will visit famous tourist destinations such places as: Dave and Busters, South Side Sea Port, Fisherman Wharf, Underground Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium, Six Flaggs, World Famous Ben's Chilli Bowl, Universal Studios, Disney World, NASA, Sea World, Planet Hollywood, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, NBC Studios and more. All of such activities are designed to enhance and enrich the learning process. As a result, learning about the world of business and financial intelligence has never ever been this much fun!

A majority of good athletes began sharpening their athletic skills by spending hundreds of hours practicing their sport, usually starting at a very young age. Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc. believes that as in sports, it is equally as important to begin increasing the financial intelligence of students, exposing them to corporate structuring, business/financial markets and having them practicing wealth development strategies at the youngest possible age. FICA's training programs are presented in a safe, professional, high tech, fun, creative and interactive educational environment that keeps students motivated to learn.

FICA's multi phase financial intelligence training practice system is specifically designed for students ages 8-19 and young collegians. Our members only summer camps are perfect for parents seeking to provide their students with superior introductory exposure to business and financial training and college business school preparatory training. In addition, our carefully selected guest speakers, video's and field trips are designed to provide students with exposure to the real world of corporate business and finance. The primary purpose of this carefully developed financial intelligence training system for students, is to provide our participating member students with a superior academic knowledge and an edge in an ever increasing global competitive environment.

Future Investor Clubs of America Inc.'s comprehensive financial training system includes: Access to the FICA's Members Camp Preparatory Training Network; Certified Financial Intelligence Trainers™; Winning On Wall Street Kickoff™; American Dream Plan introductory training; Basic Financial Intelligence Training TM (BFIT); Advance Financial Intelligence Training™ (AFIT); Executive Financial Intelligence Training™ (EFIT); Financial Intelligence Training™ (IFIT); International Financial Intelligence Training™ (IFIT) intelligence training curriculum's presented in a creative and interactive way to enhance the learning process.

In addition, the FICA training system each student with access via user name and password to the FICA E-School™ online e-learning training portals. Also, during each day of the camp week, all students participate in informative Financial Field Trips TM to major corporations, business districts and more. All training sessions are presented in a creative and interactive way that is easy for students to comprehend and understand.

FICA Summer Camp Five Week Financial Intelligence Training System (All new member students must complete the training in the order listed below) FICA’s Young Investors Wall Street Summer Camps™ are held in safe and professional learning environment; usually on the campuses of some of America's most prestigious Colleges, Universities and or executive/education learning centers. In addition, each summer camp has been designed to explore business, career and investment opportunities in key economic industries, such as: Travel & Tourism, Technology-Communications, Entertainment-Media, Energy-Space Technology, Commodity Markets, Franchise Corporations, Banking, Insurance & Investments, Toy Manufacturing, Sporting Goods and more. FICA campers simply like to say "its all good." The Young Investors Club Summer Camps are scheduled for one-five weeks and are located regionally throughout America and some foreign countries.

Training Tomorrow's Investors Today™

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