Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc. is a financial intelligence training company, founded in 1997, that adheres to the philosophy, that "Becoming Wealthy Takes Practice"! Professional athletes begin harnessing their skills at a very young age by practicing their sport of choice during summer camps. FICA believes that, as in sports, in order for a person to become financially successful, it is important, that he or she begins learning and practicing wealth strategies at the youngest possible age by attending FICACAMPS™.

FICA has developed five of the most important components of any business and financial intelligence training system. The FICACAMPS™ learning system consists of: Level One, Basic Financial Intelligence Training (BFIT); Level Two, Advanced Financial Intelligence Training (AFIT); Level Three, Executive Financial Intelligence Training (EFIT); Level Four, Leadership Financial Intelligence Training (LFIT); and Level Five, International Financial Intelligence Training (IFIT). Each of FICA's training systems has been carefully designed as part of our wealth practice training program and includes financial field trips to banks, business districts, corporations, exchanges and much more.

This outstanding learning strategy combined with online e-learning, financial field trips, certified and experienced makes FICACAMPS™ the most comprehensive high level financial training system available for youth in the world today. The FICACAMPS™ business and financial intelligence training system also incorporates the three main important educational components of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. In addition, students learn the importance of Finance, Business, Economics, Charts, Graphs, Teamwork, Social and Leadership Skills. All training program instructors are FICA Certified Financial Intelligence Trainers with college degrees, business, education, industry and or executive experience.

Participants attending our business and financial intelligence summer camp training program leave with an understanding of real life skills, investments and how the global financial system works. This informative, fun and exciting summer camp training program is designed to prepare students for a lifetime of financial success! Register today.

Training Tomorrow's Investors Today™

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