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Parents and Guardians today face many difficult tasks in preparing their kids & teens for the real world. When it comes to Basic and Advance financial life skills training Future Investor Clubs of America helps to make your job easy. Our network of face-to-face and online training programs helps students make sense of the world of top careers, business and finance. The fact is, student’s today face tougher challenges than your generation at becoming financially successful. To make matters worse schools today have little time to focus on the world of finance and business because of the strict mandates that they focus on the core curriculum of math, reading and writing. A majority of today’s students have absolutely no idea, how the world of money works. The Future Investor Clubs of America program changes all of that by using our top quality curriculum, creative training techniques and the latest interactive technology to increase students business, career and financial intelligence. Simply put our primary goal is to expose your children to only the best business, career and finance information on the planet so that they can compete for the best opportunities.

If you asked most students today, do they want to grow up to become rich? Almost 99% would answer yes! The problem is a majority of students have absolutely no idea what it will take to get there. The FICA program takes the guess out of it for our students. In addition, we use our training programs to reinforce the need to get good grades in their core curriculum. You are probably thinking, my kid(s) won’t be interested in this type of training. Well, you would be surprised how many students have come to our programs kicking and screaming about how they did not want to be there. Two days later you couldn’t pry them away from the program. How do we do it? The first thing you need to know about FICA’s training programs is that our face to face and our online training sessions are presented in a Creative, Fun and Interactive way that keeps students wanting to learn more! Our training systems are presented in a way that even students as young as 8yrs old can begin to understand and apply these skills.

If it’s ok with you, we would like to help you have a little fun along the way. Once we have taken care of business its FUN CITY we know how to have a good time by visiting entertainment centers like GameWorks, Six Flags, Universal Studios, Dave & Busters! That’s not all during our training sessions you will have a chance to win prizes of Cash, Savings Bonds, Video Games, Electronics, Trips and more! New friends are on the way. Get ready to meet some awesome, ambitious, fun loving kids and teens just like you! All our member students are committed to learning to become successful and having fun along the way. You will build life long friendships. In addition we have designed informative field trips to local business and financial districts. If you like to travel, join FICA students on trips to the New York Stock Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, Orlando, Florida and Tokyo, Japan! If this all sounds like fun to you then talk to your parents and complete the contact us form and we will get back to you with a registration package.

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