My mom dad tricked me to sign up for the FICA camp I got tricked by my parents into signing up for this camp. At first I was not happy to be spending one week of my summer dress up in a suit and tie everyday learning about investing and stuff. But when my parents told me the only way I could open my own stock investing trading accountwas to attend this camp my attitude changed. From the first day it was fast paste learning and no one had a time or chance to get bored. I loved the fact that we all got a chance to be involved in the training by reading and learning new words! I came to the camp all the way from California so for me the best part has also been going to places I never been before in New York like Times Square and the Rockefella Center. You see it on TV but it was much better to see it in person. I will be at the camp next year for more training!

J. Cohen-Camper Student

I hate to admit it, but the FICA Wall Street camp was the best summer learning experience I have ever had. I loved it from the first Day when the instructor had me to create my own American Dream Plan and we visited my dream school Columbia University! I will use what I learned during these last two weeks for the rest of my life. I have already signed up for the 2017 San Francisco, CA Camp so I can hopefully visit Google, Facebook and other companies. See Ya

B. Schwartz-Camper Student

My parents searched online and found this summer camp knowing I talk their ears off about investing and finance stuff so I was excited that they wanted to sign me up. It was in New York and that's where I live so my parents made sure I didn't miss my opportunity of joining this camp. In school I'm pretty shy so I was a little nervous on my first day being around other kids but I ended up making new friends and learning about investing, business and stuff. I liked the field trips to New York Life, they showed us this big vault under ground. The people who trained us were friendly and funny at times too, I liked how they used everyday things and could translate it so us younger kids could understand. I told my mom and dad I want to go again, I told some of my friends from school to join me too so we could all learn about the investing together. Thank you for the camp see you again.

B. Jessup-Camper Student

I just registered for my second year for the FICA CAMP. I was there for two awesome weeks last year, I learned so much and visited so many Companies. It was great all the students were like me they really wanted to learn and we all became friends. I cannot wait.

V. Cobb-Camper Student

This camp was my best experience ever! I am a 14 year old student and last summer, I attended the FICA Camp in New York for two weeks. I am seriously considering becoming a Hedge Fund manager and wanted to attend this camp to help me prepare for college. We stayed at a nice clean and safe hotel. We traveled into the city each day. The first week was basic training which was great because I learned a lot of things I did not know. We also went on field trips every single day to banks, businesses, financial companies, the stock exchanges and even got the chance to be interviewed on BBC TV. The best part of first week was when we got the chance to visit NASDAQ and ring the closing bell. I had to pass an exam at the end and scored an A, I was so happy. The second week was even better because I started learning about more advance investment strategies & got a chance to visit a real companies stock market trading floors to learn how its actually done.

W. Goldberg-Camper Student

Working up for the trip the whole Summer, the trip was finally worth it! Learning about business, finance, banking, investing, and the world of business was great. Not only were the classes top notch but the trip was worthwhile as well taking financial field trips, visiting the American Museum of Finance and touring New York City put the FICA Summer camp as a memorable experience I will soon not forget.

B. Rivers-Camper Student

As a parent, I brought my son to America for the FICA Summer Camp. I checked out the program and found that they are licensed and have been providing a safe environment for training programs for 15 years. My research also found zero incidents of safety reports of students being injured or put in harms way. I dropped off and picked up my son at the university campus daily without any problems. A chaperon from the program was always standing with my son. The training facility I saw on campus was state of the art. The itinerary was followed with training, tours, events and more. Overall I was extremely happy with this summer camp program. My son loved the financial training; he was treated very professionally and felt very safe during the entire program. He will definitely be back next summer for advance training. Thanks FICA!

G. Abdul-Camper Parent

"I was a participant in the Wall Street Summer Camp. It was a fantastic experience! The camp staff were attentive and very informative. The curriculum material was interesting and relevant to the field trips during the camp. The field trips put the camp over the top! We had the luxury of going on the trading floor of the NYSE to watch the closing bell and converse with floor traders. We also met with a CFO and analyst of a hedge fund. These two events were certainly the highlight of my trip! As a college student at UPenn, I can attest to the benefit of the lessons taught at the camp especially in regard to serving as a background for my courses and extracurricular activities. With this in mind, I highly recommend this camp to anyone interested in finance and wishing to explore a potential career in this field. I have been so fortunate to have attended this camp and be afforded the opportunity to learn about investing and talk with industry leaders about their experience."

M. Klein-Camper

I just can't say enough good things about how much my students loved the FICA Winning On Wall Street Kickoff program. It was outstanding and well presented in an easy way for my students to understand. I would recommend this training program to any school district.

Mrs. Tolbert-4th Grade Teacher

I came from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the age of 15 to the United States of America to attend the FICA Young Investors Wall Street summer camp program. It was very educational for me. During the two week camp I learned very much how the USA and global financial system works. I would recommend this program to all Foreign International students.

V. Genes-Camper Student

I have known and supported Future Investor Clubs of America from its beginning in 1997. Mr. Parks, has a passion for training all students regardles of race and I applaud him. Keep up the good work!

B. Romani-Bank Director

What a great financial intelligence training experience for my son age 16. In registering our son for the 2011 recently held FICA summer camp we wanted a very comprehensive financial training program that went beyond the basic economics. FICA delivered and more! Our son was so happy about the amount of information he learned that he wanted to stay longer than the week we signed up. He made us promise to send him back next summer for two weeks or more.

D. Klein-Camper Parent

The FICA program helped our students begin to really focus on their goals and objectives from day one. My students began participating in the Future Investor Clubs of America program in middle school via the I Have A Dream program. I can honestly say without a doubt; that the FICA program change my students lives for the better. Our 12 students participated in Future Investor Clubs of America for 4 years and each of them have gone on to attend a college or university. Many studying business and finance. Having witnessed the training first hand for four years I would very highly recommend this program to any parent, school and or community organization seeking the best financial training for their students. FICA was better than I ever thought it would be and more.

C. Uptegrow-Leader

My husband and I are like most parents that want their children to be better equipped to deal with financial issues such as saving, investing, global markets and more at a younger age. We were excited to find a company like FICA. The cost was a little pricey but we recently enrolled both of our kids ages 11 and 12 years old to participate in the FICA training program. They loved it! Even though they still do kid things they also talk daily about national, global and money management financial issues. Its awesome to see and hear! They are now so excited that we opened their savings and investment accounts. My husband and I are so thankful that we made the right decision to register our kids for this great program.

M. Baugh-Camper Parent

The FICA leadership training and tour program to the New York Stock Exchange changed my life forever. It was an excellent experience, one that I will never ever forget. Thank you so much!

J. Roan-Camper Student

This camp was awsome! I have learned so much about business, saving and investing this summer. The class was very comprehensive. The training is realy going to help me in my regular classroom and for the rest of my life. I really enjoyed myself, the students and instructors. See you next summer.

N. Cederstrom-Camper Student

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